Rights of Injured Workers

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If you have been injured on the job, it is imperative that you understand your rights. Such rights may not be immediately known to you, as some employers will do whatever they can to hold their financial responsibility for your injury at bay. Nonetheless, you do have rights, and one of them is to pursue compensation for the injuries that are not your fault.

With David E. Mallen, Attorney at Law, our Orlando workers' compensation attorney wants to help you navigate your legal situation. Our firm offers personal attention for every client. This means that you will not have to worry about dealing with an assistant or paralegal. You have direct one-on-one legal guidance with a skilled attorney who will fight on your behalf.

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Seeking The Level Of Compensation You Deserve

Compensation can be an incredible help in your time of need. Certainly, compensation is not available for everyone, as every case and injury is different. Nonetheless, you may be entitled to compensation that can provide financial aid for your injuries.

You may be entitled to compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses – this includes both past and future expenses for treatments, medications, physical therapy and other types of medical care.
  • Lost wages/income – this enables you to make up for some of the income that has been lost due to your injuries.
  • Permanent partial disability – this pertains to injuries that have caused a permanent disability but do not completely hinder you from returning to work.
  • Permanent total disability – this pertains to injuries that have caused permanent disability and completely hinders you from returning to work.

If you have be injured on the premises of your employer during your scheduled hours of work while fulfilling the requirements of your position, then we encourage you to contact our firm today to inquire about how we might represent you in your worker’s compensation case. Don’t pay a penny for your employer’s negligence.

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