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One of the most uncomfortable aspects for injured workers seeking workers' compensation is trusting their medical assessment and care to a doctor assigned to them by their workers' comp carrier. Many patients feel as if they are not getting proper attention, they need a second opinion, or their voice is just not being heard. Because these patients are engaged in workers' comp protocol, however, they feel they have little option but to stay with a doctor they are unsatisfied with.

The truth is that in Florida, workers' compensation applicants do have the option to change doctors and—in some cases—even chose their own. At David E. Mallen, Attorney at Law, Attorney Mallen has dedicated his entire career to helping injured workers receive the relief and resources they deserve. If you are in the middle of a workers' comp claim and believe you need to seek an alternate doctor, our firm can help you file a thorough change request, stay in compliance, and maintain the viability of your claim.

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One-Time Change Rule

Florida workers' comp law uses a "one-time change" rule when it comes to allowing claimants to change their medical doctor. Workers' compensation carriers are legally obligated to recognize that not every doctor is a fit for every patient and that sometimes a second opinion is warranted.

The one-time change rule works like this:

  • Claimants can request to change doctors via a change request.
  • The carrier has five days from the receipt of the request to approve the change and provide a new doctor.
  • After the five days, if the carrier has still not acted, the claimant can choose their own doctor.

Our firm can not only help you make a compelling case in your change request, but also help recommend reliable medical professionals in the event you get to choose your own physician. No matter what the outcome of your change request, Orlando Workers' Compensation Attorney David E. Mallen can ensure your best interests are looked after and your claim continues to have the very best chance at an approval.

You do not have to remain with a doctor who does not suit you. Contact our firm today to request a free case evaluation.

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